We are having a lovely early autumn - it is cool in the mornings but bright and sunny during the day. Suddenly I am not wanting to wear sandals and I need something long sleeved for the start and end of the day.

Looking back to summer
My shopping for summer went well - it was an easier year to dress for than the summer of 22/23 - with more typical weather. My new pieces in for the season (excluding the gear which were all workhorses) were mostly well worn (with the green and white top and white shorts being very late additions - too early to tell). The only piece that was a bit disappointing was the white lacy blouse - it's a bit too low cut to wear to work - I sized up for a slouchy fit - it got six wears in total.

Looking forward to autumn/winter
I haven't shopped as yet with the exception of an olive satin bomber in out of season sales (replacing my gold bomber which has finally exited). I haven't seen too much that excites me - I want at least two pieces of knitwear, one footwear option and leaving the rest open. I would like a more interesting cardigan or sweater. I don't know re footwear either.
I do want to add in some texture - maybe new cords or something velvet? Any ideas?

I will post in the second post the autumn and winter everyday pieces i am excited to wear and welcome ideas for additions that you see being me.

No WIW at the moment - its been all repeats and outdoor wear of late.

Thanks in advance!