Anchie, you look beautiful and your new capsule is lovely. I love having both brights and soft colours in my wardrobe. I find after a busy and hectic schedule, I like to retreat and have peace and time for reflection, this is also when I wear my softer colours and neutrals.

So sorry to hear that you lost both your parents recently.
I definitely wore neutrals after my dad died. Then after time passed for a while I didn’t want to wear black at all, particularly black tops. Now I’m back to my previous wardrobe, but still less interest in black tops.

In my culture there is old custom to wear only black during the period of mourning which is between 40 days and 1 year, depending how close you were with the deceased and how old they were. I don’t wear black and don’t have anything black anymore, so that would mean building complete temporary wardrobe. I didn’t feel like this would help with my grieving process, and I don’t really need to show to the outside world that I am in mourning. I know my grandmother generation was very strict about it and my grandmother wore black for the whole year when my grandfather died. My mom wore black for 40 days after her parents died but I am not sure if my generation is still doing it, since I haven’t lived there since 1996, but I doubt it.

Yes the whole world is changing Anchie and of course I have no idea what they do in Croatia now but I agree with you that I doubt the younger generation do what even the parents let alone the grandparents did. That is certainly the case here in New Zealand that my adult children don’t follow even many of the traditions that I did, who am only around 30 years older than them.
I think grieve in the best way for you. Hugs.

That seems understandable after such a rough year. I tend to withdraw or cocoon a bit when I am grieving and I think being low key color-wise mimics that. I would definitely keep going with how it feels for you (and it looks great too!).

Sorry for your loses, that's realy overwhelming-and I say wear your new colors and so well put together capsule with confidence as these are really "in" nowadays. Wish you healing fast....

Oh, Anchie, I am so sorry to hear you recently lost your father. This has been an incredibly difficult year for you, and I hope you are being gentle with yourself. Grief takes as long as it takes, and wearing comforting clothes as we go about our lives that we must continue to live is one way to help ourselves through difficult and long days. Take care....

Rose gold is a great complement to all warm colors.

I'm so sorry for your great loss in such a short time. Not only do we feel grief after these losses, but there are so many things to do! Bank accounts, possessions, perhaps a house sale or even more complicated tasks. If a simpler, more neutral wardrobe seems right, it may be in part because it's easier. There is some wisdom in a mourning wardrobe. Put your brights away and have a peek at them next year. You look calm, collected, and elegant.

Anchie, I don’t know where I was nine months ago. I’m so sorry for your loss. I certainly understand it now. A big change, but the look is/was fantastic. I have to check where you are on your style journey now.