Hi Fabbers

From my last WIW post it occurred to me that my style preferences change with my hair color. Now I am not talking about the color of clothing, that probably clearly does for most of us. Let me explain.

All my life I have been a maximal dresser, loving bold patterns, bright colors and statement jewelry, not shying away from being noticed. I was mostly a brunette and for a few short times a copper or red head. Once my natural silver hair grew in, a couple of years ago, I was suddenly drawn to neutral colors; navy, camel, cool olive, etc. The only patterns I could tolerate were a few specific stripes. At the same time I changed my specs from a smaller silver frame to larger plastic ones. A red pair and a purple pair. I then found I only wanted to wear small stud or hoop earrings and hardly ever necklaces. I put this down to that my hair and specs were a statement on their own and I did not need or want any more 'noise' in an outfit.

Six weeks ago I have colored my hair Copper Red. Quite a few of you like it and I certainly do. I did love my silver hair too though. I just felt like a change. This Copper Red color is temporary btw. Now 6 weeks in I suddenly want to wear color, patterns and be maximal once again. Such a quick about turn has kind of shocked me. Have any of you experienced something similar? Or some other change that took you by surprise?