My phone needed a good edit. I have been removing pics and as a result have gone through many many WIW photos.

A few lessons:

- I don’t like outfits with too much going on.
- I liked about 10% of my scarf outfits
- I am not picky enough about length - I am tall (ish) and I don’t suit things that look too short or small.
- I liked most of the colour combinations in my outfits - both bold and bright, and quiet and neutral. I am confident with colour.
- I am less confident with layering.
- be wary of the belt - especially with dresses. They don’t suit my short waist.

Moving forward this encourages me to keep enjoying a wide range of colours - I can make them work. But potentially I could simplify my silhouettes as there were some I liked a lot more than others.

For this stage of my style journey hats and glasses are my favourite accessories along with loved jewelry. Belts and scarves are less important and I will edit my collection to only keep the most loved.

There’s also a couple of other pieces up for review. Outfit labs coming up soon.

Has anyone else done an edit of their photos and had some clarity over their style?