This is the sixth time I’m choosing a word and colour for the year. The tradition started with my lovely friend, and YLF Fabber, Laura, whose done this for decades. She invited me to join her in 2019 and I haven’t looked back. Thank you, Laura!

Choose a word to keep top of mind for 2024. Take it to heart, and act on it. Personally, I’ve found this a motivating and worthwhile exercise. It helps me prioritize and get more out of the year. I’m more focussed and accountable to small and big-picture life goals, which is quite satisfying. 

The colour I choose can be one I’m liking more than other colours at the moment, or a colour I want represented more strongly in my life. It can come through in my style, our home, our setting, and in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

These are words and colours I’ve chosen in previous years. Nothing too serious, and it’s all in good fun. Sometimes I repeat a word or colour because they need a do-over, or I’m not quite ready to move on to another.

2019: Relaxed/Red

2020: Experience/ Blue

2021: Achieve/ Citron

2022: Achieve/ Light Blue

2023: Change/Sour Green

On to 2024.

Word: Present

My number one goal for the year is to live in and enjoy the present moment with an open mind, appreciative heart, and empathetic attitude. I want to pay more attention and be fully engaged with what is happening now, around me, and be grateful for it. I want to stop and focus on what is presently fabulous, instead of wishing time away planning and waiting for the next thing. It would be great to be more spontaneous too.

Being mindful in more aspects of my life will take practice, as I’m far too eager to tick things of my list, and plan the next list. This needs to change. I’d like to take a minute to catch my breath during the day, keep screen time in check, spend more time with people who are important and be really present with them. I want to hone my listening skills, practice yoga more frequently and expand my creativity. I want to intentionally enjoy what is right in front of me, right now.

As a great planner of all things in life, I’m pressing the pause button. Planning has its advantages, but it can stress people out, and stress me out too. I can become a little obsessed with my plans. It puts unnecessary pressure on others, and on me. Of course, there will be some planning, but on a smaller scale. And that will be more than enough this year.

My wardrobe is in brilliant shape, and I’m very happy and at peace with my style. Counting my blessings, and hugging my fab-for-me wardrobe. It needs little intervention at this point, so the plan is to generally leave it alone and enjoy the heck out of my stuff.

Colour: Sour Green

An acidic lime and apple green is one of my all-time favourite colours. I’m choosing it as my colour again this year because I want to be surrounded by more of it. It’s a bright yellow green, and not a blue green. I’m also enjoying a yellow based, Kelly green with my new darker blonde hair. While these sour greens are still available at retail, I’d like to purchase a little more of them for my wardrobe. Our home is accented with lime green, and adding more of the colour to our home would make me smile.

Over to you. Join us in choosing a word and colour for the year. Don’t overthink it. Your first and freshest thoughts on the subject are often the best ones. Share them in the comments section when you have a moment. I’m looking forward to hearing them.

Green / Present