The first outfit formula for 2024 is colour-rich. When it’s cold, wet and grey for most of Winter like it is in Seattle, I find it therapeutic, energizing, and calming to wear brights, clashing colours, high-contrast neutrals, high-impact patterns, and Winter whites. Others feel differently, sticking to dark colours, dark neutrals, low-contrast outfits, quiet patterns, and earth tones. Horses for courses, always. Wear what makes you happy, works for the weather and your lifestyle, and panders to your mood of the day.

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If you enjoy wearing high-impact colours and patterns in Winter all or some of the time, the colour combinations and components of these outfits might inspire you. Notably, shades of white are used as accents. To my eye, the whites clean up, crisp up, and brighten the palette.

1. Red, Blue, Lilac, and Whites

A pair of relaxed cropped red pants is combined with a white shirt. A lilac sweater is layered over the untucked shirt to showcase white outfit accents. A red, blue and cream coat in a bold geometric pattern tops the lot. Mismatched cream and toffee haute hiking boots complement and complete the outfit. Add a bag that works with the palette.

Red, Blue, Lilac and Whites

2. Cinnamon, Whiskey, Orange, Chocolate, and Cream

A burnt orange A-line corduroy skirt is combined with an orange turtleneck. A cream, orange and earthy Fair Isle sweater is layered over the turtleneck. Its semi-tuck is secured with a whiskey belt, which in turn matches a whiskey bag. A cinnamon puffer tops the lot. Tall brown lug-soled boots ground the look. The brown and whiskey in the outfit effectively match the model’s’ hair.

Cinnamon, Whiskey, Orange, Chocolate and Cream

3. Chartreuse, Grey, Cream and Teal

A pair of full-length, flared charcoal grey pinstriped trousers is combined with a grey, white and chartreuse striped sweater. It’s topped with a chartreuse jacket that picks up the same colour in the sweater. Black shoes bookend the model’s hair. A mismatched teal scarf is a dramatic and high-contrast finishing touch. Add a bag that works with the palette.

Chartreuse, Grey, Cream and Teal

4. Denim Blue, Pink, Lilac and Bone

A pair of faded blue wide leg, full-length jeans is combined with a white tee. A cool-toned pink jacket tops the tee. A big brushed fringe scarf in a plaid that’s tonal with the pink and lilac of the outfit adds interest to the look. Bone shoes pick up the bone in the patterned scarf, and complement the soft pretty palette. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Denim, Blue, Pink, Lilac and Bone