Every January I choose a word and colour to help set my priorities for the new year. It’s a tradition that I adopted from my friend and YLF forum member, Laura. I love the simplicity of having a single word to keep top of mind, and the power and symbolism of a single colour. It feels calming, organized, and motivating. The selection process is also a lot of fun.  

In 2019, I chose the word relaxed and colour red. In 2020 I chose the word experience and the colour blue. Even with all the things that 2020 threw at us, I found that the exercise helped me to follow through on my priorities.

Today I’m choosing my word and colour for 2021. I invite you to join me.

Word: Achieve

I’m 50 and not slowing down. In fact, I’m powering up and raring to go. I feel energized to define and develop my next set of deliverables as an inclusive fashion professional who is passionate about the fact that having a fab-for-you-personal style and effectively managing your wardrobe are skills that can be learned. It’s going to be a hard-working year as I set out to achieve my next set of career goals.

After being vaccinated, I hope to go on important trips that were put on hold because of the pandemic. Seeing my Dad in the Netherlands and Greg’s Dad in South Africa are our top priorities, because we haven’t seen them since 2019. It would be nice to also fit in a delayed milestone birthday trip. I’m particularly looking forward to work with my clients in person again. In the context of our current COVID-19 reality, these things feel like major achievements. I hope that I accomplish them safely by the end of the year.

Colour: Citron

I was hard-pressed to choose just one colour. Shades of pink and yellow were top contenders. But since yellow is an extremely cheerful colour that is associated with sunshine, warmth, happiness, energy, positivity, intellect, and enlightenment, I’m going with citron. If ever there was a year for optimism and hope, it’s 2021. There will be an abundance of fresh yellow flowers at the Cox Castle this year.

From a fashion point of view, citron is a signature colour for my style. It’s a very acidic shade of neon yellow, rather than a regular bright yellow. I find it a versatile colour that works with most of my wardrobe. It always make me happy, which is why most of my citron items are workhorses. Along with its cousin chartreuse, which is a little more green, citron is quite well represented in my wardrobe. But there is room for more, and I look forward to thoughtfully adding some new items. The first on my list is a citron satchel that converts to a crossbody, because my Furla is looking a little battered. It’s my most frequently worn bag so no wonder it’s well worn. I’ve been trying to replace it for two years with no luck. Hopefully this year.

If it’s your cup of tea, choose a word and colour for the year too. Don’t overthink it too much, because your first and freshest thoughts on the subject are usually the best. Share them in the comments section, or on the forum. I’m looking forward to hearing them.