Had to give this some thought, and then allow myself not to over-think!

Word is "Focus" and color is monochrome. Or tonal. With blue as secondary. So perhaps I am benched for color!

Monochrome 'cause it has color in the word! But instead of having a specific color, my goal is to find more ways to combine my items in more monochromatic outfits; not necessarily dye-lot-matchy, as maybe more commonly will be "tonal"--which may be nearly monochrome, or items in same depth of color. I tend to like the effect of these types of outfits more than color-blocking top, bottom, topper because it is easy for me to get too chopped up. Plus I think it is helpful when wearing more casual items. I have been trying more of this and getting fresher looks from some of my wardrobe items by combining them in different ways. .
Not planning to be rigid on this, because the overall effect is more important and will depend on the styles and fits of the items--I will still wear contrasting pieces, but aim to try to find the best combinations of those.as well. Also will mix up whether shoes contrast, or scarf, or purse, or shoes-pants are monochrome, etc.

Blue is secondary color concept, not necessarily to buy more, but continuing to be surprised by how well certain medium shades work for tops and toppers, even though I have brown eyes (you'll mostly see blues recommended for blue eyes!). So working not to be so berry-driven. Think is the "bit" of gray in my hair and softening of overall coloring. Then, it's easier to create tonal looks with pants in denim, navy or black. So I'm pulling together more of my blue or blue-ish items and creating some new combinations.

Word Focus comes from reviewing how I managed to accomplish certain things in past year, and how I tend to get off track! The liberated time-flow of retirement still requires planning and focus to accomplish things I'd like to do, learn, see (with some pandemic constraints).