As I have never done this before it took a few days of musing.
I’ve decided on the word Serendipity. Allowing good things to just happen to me is probably helpful to someone like me who can get anxious and over-plan. And also, it’s quite applicable to the situation of my daughter being rather stuck in the US, having serendipitously met her husband on the train at the San Francisco airport in 2013, and marrying him 6 years later. It reminds me that you can’t control everything in life, and especially in your children’s lives. And one helpful thing that the terrible 2020 year did for them was by being in the US rather than shifting to Vietnam for a while as proposed, his US citizenship came through in October. This could change the future for them and for any children of theirs. And it all seems a bit random. So learning to accept and even embrace such things is good for me. High five to Helena another anxious person embracing life!
My colour will be blue. My favourite has gradually shifted to that over time ( in earlier years it was red, which I still enjoy), and my new top has a beautiful blue as part of it. I also may have found a replacement for my favourite cobalt boots that were scuffed/ worn out after 5 years plus 111 wears and that I put in the clothing bin last month- if they thought they were still good enough they will put them on sale in the second hand store. Someone more RATE than me may enjoy them yet.
Pics below of my first wear of my new top yesterday, and the possible new boots I will probably order online to try.

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