Inspired by Laura, my friend and loyal fabber of thirteen years, I chose a word and colour for 2019. I chose the word relaxed and the colour red. I enjoyed the process of choosing them, and they helped me to set my priorities for the new year. During 2019 I found that the exercise also helped me to follow through on my priorities, so I’m joining the word and colour party again. Thank you Laura for creating a new and meaningful tradition in my life.

I love the simplicity of having a single word to keep top of mind, and the power and symbolism of a single colour. With a milestone 50th birthday coming up in July, I took extra care in choosing my word and colour for 2020. I also threw the topic around with hubs Greg, because he gets me.


I’m celebrating the privilege of living for 50 years because my late Mum wasn’t much older than me when she passed away. I’m sharing what I’ve experienced so that I can help and inspire others. I’m appreciating and learning from past experiences so that I can be a wiser, nicer, more thoughtful, self-aware, and fulfilled person. More importantly, I’m prioritizing the creation of significant new experiences — big and small. These are things that touch my heart, are embedded in long-term memory, and continue to spark joy and satisfaction decades later. I’m looking forward to being a little more adventurous, sassy and celebratory this year, and being surprised and energized by some of my choices. One big new experience already on the agenda is a trip to Greece in June.

Colour: BLUE

I was hard-pressed to choose one colour for the year because I have many favourites. But I woke up one day and blue came to mind. Since we recently moved close to the Seattle waterfront, and are planning a trip to Greece, blue seems dead right. It is associated with stability, which I feel greatly in my fifth decade. It is also thought to symbolize wisdom, confidence, loyalty, intelligence, tranquillity, good health, expertise, calm, serenity, and precision. These are all things I aspire to as I age.

From a fashion and style point of view, blue is mainly my dark neutral. But I wear and love all shades of light and dark blue, French blue, Tiffany blue, turquoise, and denim blue. I find that these blues work well with my beloved sour brights, all shades of white, blush pink, earth tones, and black. I’ll be adding more blue to my wardrobe, with a new navy, turquoise or light blue wool coat at the top of my shopping list. I would like to add light blue sneakers, blue patterned clothing, and maybe a few blue accessories too. Here are some new blue arrivals that tickled my fancy:

If it’s your cup of tea, feel free to join Laura and me in choosing a word and colour for the year. Don’t overthink it too much, because your first and freshest thoughts on the subject are usually the best. Share them in the comments section, or on the forum. I’m looking forward to hearing them.