My lovely friend Laura, an author and biographer, has been a loyal Fabber for twelve years. Her positive outlook on life, pleasant and polite demeanour, courage to try new things, great attitude, generous spirit, and charm, are just a few of the things that make her fabulous. We share a love for dresses, anything ‘80s, short hair, and yellow. 

Some time ago Laura started doing something at the beginning of the year that’s become a meaningful tradition. She takes some time to review and celebrate the outgoing year, and sets priorities for the new year. Following that, she picks a word that reminds her of how she wants to feel for the year. For 2019, Laura picked the word “sassy” because she wants to be forward, audacious, bold, fresh, assertive, and a little bit saucy! After picking a word, Laura picks a colour. Her colour for 2019 is orange, because it’s the colour of creative energy. Since Laura will be undertaking a cool new creative side hustle soon, sassy and orange are dead right.

I’m inspired by Laura’s tradition and have joined her “word & colour party”. It’s all in good fun. I fancy the simplicity of one word to keep top of mind for the year, and I believe in the power and symbolism of colour. My word and colour for 2019 came to me quickly.


My word for 2019 is “relaxed”. I need to be less tense, uptight and anxious about certain aspects of my life. I am often the cause of my own stress, which is something that I control and can therefore change. I want to stop worrying about things that are not important, because they take up precious time and energy that I could be investing elsewhere. 

I am extremely relaxed about fashion, my own style, and my work with clients. Those areas of my life cause me no stress and give me lots of pleasure. I relax into every style analysis, closet edit, closet review, purchase, sale, hunt, shop, outfit creation session, and don’t let any of it boss me around. I want to extend that relaxed feeling across other aspects of my life so that I can focus on new challenges and experiences because life is too short!


My colour for 2019 is red. Not only because of my affection for the colour, but because it symbolizes passion, intensity, good luck, courage, power, and excitement. It also has a classic touch. I want to be relaxed, but I also want to maintain my high levels of energy, energize those around me, show unconditional affection to my favourite people, be creative, go on exciting adventures, continue wearing my heart on my sleeve, and make a positive difference. 

From a fashion and style perspective, I’m going to go beyond tomato red and continue adding all sorts of reds to my wardrobe, and wear them from head to toe. Red is a classic colour, and reflects that I enjoy the classics as much as I love trends. Red has always been one of my favourite colours. Our signature looks do not date, because they create a personal stamp that gives us power and makes us happy.

Red is not a relaxed colour, and I love the harmonious tension this creates between my word and colour for 2019.

If it’s your cup of tea, feel free to join Laura and me in choosing a word and colour for the year. Don’t overthink it too much, because your first and freshest thoughts on the subject are usually the best. Share them in the comments section or on the forum. I’m looking forward to hearing them.

Tibi Full Skirt