Every January, I choose a word and colour to help set my priorities for the year. Laura, my friend and YLF forum member, started this tradition and this is my fifth year in joining her. There is something very motivating about having a word top of mind for the year. It helps me focus on what is important and keeps me accountable to small and big picture life goals. The colour that I choose can symbolize what I’m feeling in my heart, or simply be a colour that I want represented more strongly in my life. It’s all in good fun.

Here are the words and colours that I’ve chosen in previous years:

2019: Relaxed / Red

2020: Experience / Blue

2021: Achieve / Citron

2022: Achieve / Light Blue

I hope you’ll join Laura and me, and add your own word and colour in the comments below.

Word: Change

I turn 53 this year, and desperately need to change things up across several aspects of my life. I haven’t achieved what I’ve wanted to in the last couple of years, and I feel like some change could be the intervention I need to get back on track.

Professionally, I’ve been in the same industry for thirty years. I was a designer, then a buyer, then a consultant, and when I came to America in 2003 I became a fashion stylist. I have fabulous clientele, and I manage a very engaged social community on YLF. For almost 17 years, I’ve written fresh content and participated actively in the forum almost every day. Although I continue to be extremely passionate about fashion and style, and I love working with my clientele, I need to break out of a rut and make some changes that will re-energize me.

In terms of my personal style, I need a change, and I’m pleased to report that’s well on its way. I’ve had very short hair for seventeen years and started growing it out last year. I will continue to grow it out this year. I’m also sporting my natural hair colour hair, which is dark blonde. The colour change has brought about a subtle change in my wardrobe palette, which is welcome too. These are big-for-me changes that will intensify as the year progresses.

Geographically, hubs Greg and I have lived in the same city for twenty years. While we have no immediate plans to leave Seattle, or our loft, we do want to make some changes. We spent part of our Christmas staycation decluttering our home, editing, fixing things, and re-decorating. We also have plans to remodel this year. These are very welcome changes too.

Recreationally, we haven’t had a fun international holiday for four years. Greg and I work to travel, but with the pandemic, the passing of both of our fathers, and a severe lack of time, visiting destinations on our bucket list has taken a major backseat. We hope that changes in 2023.

Last, I am seldom an impulsive and spontaneous person. I like to plan, organize, take my time and follow through on things. I do not enjoy having things sprung up on me. I am changing some of that. I want to be more spontaneous and impulsive, and less “planned way in advance” about things. This will be challenging because it’s much more natural and easy for me to plan ahead. Although, please, no surprise parties or visits!

Color: Sour Green

An acidic lime and apple green is one of my all-time favourite colours. It’s a bright yellow green, and not a blue green. Sometimes it’s a bit neon. If you’ve been on YLF since its inception, you might remember that the site was lime green when we launched it in 2006. I’ve worn lime green my whole life, and it’s always represented in our home decor. There is finally lime green at retail, and I’m going to prioritize the colour in my purchases this year. I will wear almost anything in lime green if the item tickles my fancy.

Over to you. Join us in choosing a word and colour for the year. Don’t overthink it. Your first and freshest thoughts on the subject are likely to be the best ones. Share them in the comments section when you have a moment. I’m looking forward to hearing them.