My favourite season is here! Crisp air, exquisite foliage, homemade soup, and lots of scarf and boot wearing opportunities. I can’t get enough of everything Autumn.

There are many ways to look more seasonal, and you don’t need cool weather in order to pull together an Autumn outfit. So depending on the outside temperature, select what works from the list below and leave the warmer outfits for chillier days. They are good across a range of dress codes – from casual to business formal – so take your pick:

  1. Add a scarf: The possibilities are endless. Sport the messy scarf look over a sleeveless top or dress if it’s still hot in your neck of the woods. Try the authoritarian look under a button down. The Angie knot is effective, as is a classic Euro knot. Audi’s scarf tying tutorial is fab and don’t forget the muffler look.
  2. Add a waistcoat: Refresh  your memory on how to layer this arty and androgynous piece. Shaggy versions and moto vests are fab too.
  3. Add close toed footwear: Pack away sandals and start wearing ballet flats, pumps, flat or heeled oxfords, fashion sneakers and loafers.
  4. Add boots to skirt and dress outfits: Think booties, mid calf lengths and knee high styles. Wear them sans hose if it’s mild outside.
  5. Add boots to walking shorts and clamdigger outfits: Love this look! Hip, fun and ever so slightly cheeky. With youth on your side, match short shorts with boots too.
  6. Add cardigans: Think cascading and boyfriend styles. If you prefer classic cropped silhouettes that’s fine too. Layer them over tops, shirts, blouses and dresses and add a belt if you’re after extra waist definition.
  7. Add a jacket or blazer: Think boyfriend cuts (both tailored and baggy), classic blazers, sharp shouldered looks for the fashion forward, tuxedo jackets, military silhouettes, moto vibes, trench coats and  anything retro. Denim jackets are a Summer item for me, but they might be the perfect Autumn option for you.
  8. Wear three quarter sleeve tops: Now is the time to do it.
  9. Layer interesting pieces: Layer a T or knit top over a button down shirt, mix patterns, and layer together different lengths of tops.
  10. Add leggings: Check out our forum members and click through all the links for a refresher course on how to wear leggings.
  11. Change your hair colour: It’s fun to go a little darker in Autumn. I do.
  12. Change your lipstick colour: Try earth toned lipstick, or a richer shade of what you’re wearing. I go from a coral to a spicy red in Autumn. But my evening time fire red lipstick stays the same all year round.
  13. Change your finger and toe nail polish colour: Try plums, burgundies and bronze tones.
  14. Layer a button down or blouse under a dress: And it doesn’t need to be a sheath dress either. Try layering all sorts of shirts and blouses under dresses and see what happens. The results could be arty and fab, as well as cost effective and versatile.
  15. Add hose: It’s probably not cold enough for tights, but sheer hose in fun self-colour patterns add an effective textural edge to your outfit.
  16. Wear darker colours: If your Autumns are hot, swap out bright coloured Summer clothing for neutral tones.
  17. Wear jeans: Any cut, style or wash. From leans to trouser styles.
  18. Wear skinny cargos or fashionable pants: There is style life after jeans.  Think skinny cargos, or more fashion forward dress pants.
  19. Wear short sleeved knitwear: Milk it  before your arms feel cold.
  20. Add a fun hat: So many sweet newsboys, cloches, fedoras, beanies and berets all over the show. If you look great wearing a hat, go for it. Could be the solution to a bad hair day – as long as the hat stays on.

In some instances you’ll use only one of these tips, and at other times you’ll combine a few of them to create an Autumn outfit. For example, in Seattle its cool enough to match a sheath dress with a denim jacket, scarf and boots. If you live in Texas or Florida, you might like to match an earth-toned ensemble of walk shorts, sleeveless blouse, waistcoat and pumps.

With this list in hand, shop your closet first. You’ll be surprised at how much you can put together with what you already own. Next, use the exercise to identify the gaps. By adding in a few scarves, a pair of booties, some layering pieces and a fab jacket, you might be set for the season.

If I’ve left anything out, lets add it to the list. Are you ready for Autumn?