Please watch Audi’s short video tutorial if you like to wear scarves. Audi skillfully demonstrates two knots that are fast, easy and very effective. I’m impressed with how clearly Audi explains her techniques and how well she ties the knots without a mirror.

The first technique is super for bulkier pashmina type scarves, whereas the second technique is ideal for narrower, slippery silky scarves. Audi has tied her scarves quite close to the neck, which looks fabulous on her body type. But you can also try the same knots tied a little looser and away from the neck if you have a shorter neck than Audi.

Thank you for sharing your techniques with us, Audi. I thoroughly enjoy your highly creative outfits, theatrical looks and arty sense of dress. I especially enjoy how your dressing style courageously and successfully challenges the environmental norm in your workplace. Very fab.