We all have “those” parts of our body. The ones that are harder to dress than the others. I call them our fussy bits. It is usually harder to find items to fit these parts of our body because they deviate from standard sizes in some way – shorter, longer, bigger, smaller, wider or narrower. In other cases it’s hard to satisfy our need for physical comfort. And sometimes we’re just self conscious about these areas so we’re extra picky.

I have two fussy bits: my feet first and my skin second. Finding  fabulous looking AND comfortable shoes that live up to my fast paced walking lifestyle is an ongoing challenge. It’s also a challenge to find  warm knitwear because my eczema-prone skin is sensitive to itchy, woolly fabrications.

I eventually find shoes and knitwear that fit my comfort and style needs, but it takes extra patience and perseverance. Sometimes I’m really frustrated when shopping for these items, but I refuse to give up because I firmly believe that there has to be SOMETHING out there.

What are your fussy bits? How do you cope with shopping for items to dress those parts of your body? Do you eventually find items that fit the bill, or do you sometimes give up?