The word “jegging” comes from joining together the words “legging” and “jeans”. IT was created to describe a new fashion item, namely a hybrid design between super skinny and stretchy jeans that are almost as form fitting as leggings.

My good friend Laurel and I popped into Banana Republic on our way to volunteer at Dress For Success Seattle this week. We stopped to look at their jeggings and had the following conversation:

Laurel: “I have a name for you to brand.”

Angie: “Really? What’s the name?”

Laurel: “Leans!”

Angie: “Leans?”

Laurel: “Yeah! Leans.”

Angie: “Oh!!! LEANS. Yes! That’s brilliant.”

Laurel: “Yeah! Don’t you think that’s a good word?”

Angie: “I do! So much better than jeggings! Jeggings look more like jeans than leggings anyway. AND they make your silhouette look lean. What a great word. You’re so clever!”

So from now on I’ll be referring to jeggings as “leans”. Just for fun.