For a few seasons now, most outfits in fashion magazines, billboards, online stores and retail catalogues have been showcased with either high or very high heeled footwear. Why is that?

  • Are current fashion trends more visually balanced with high heels?
  • Are extra long leg lines more attractive?
  • Is it that heels make an outfit more feminine?
  • Is the perception that wearing high heels makes you stylish?

Retailers are about selling more product, so clearly they think the majority of us are more likely to be interested if the model wears high heels. But why would they think this? After all, I know many people who never wear such high heels.

Then I saw the results of YLF’s recent poll asking you to pick sides between Heels or Flats and I began to understand. It was a landslide victory for Team Heels. A real eye opener for me! Even women who don’t wear heels regularly chose to side with Team Heels because they love the way heels make them look and feel. In light of this poll, it makes sense that most fashion is showcased with high heeled footwear. It’s what most women aspire to wearing.

We are now living in a world where three inch heels are  considered medium height heels. Although three inches is my limit, this is fine with me. I happily welcome sky scraping heels even though I don’t wear them. They make a strong fashion statement that I can totally appreciate on others.

But what I don’t appreciate is the uniformity. I want more heel height variation in the presentation of the latest fashions. I want a fashion world that showcases ALL heel heights, from the flattest gladiator sandal styles to the tallest of platforms, and everything in-between. Show us some outfits with lower heels. Show us some celebrities wearing lower heels. Just like fashion and style is more than a dress size, show us that fashion and style is also more than the height of our heels. Is this too much to ask?