We talked about the resurgence of cargo pocket pants in Spring as a nod to 90’s fashion. My feelings about cargo pocket pants are mixed as I like some styles and not others. I still like them best in dressy silky fabrications, cropped to the knee, and paired with heels. They look more like dress pants when worn that way and I’m all over it.

But back to casual wear! I also like the newer skinny cargo silhouette. Its tapered, usually made of cotton spandex, and looks great worn both dressed up or dressed down – much like a pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny cargos look fab dressed up with cage heels, booties or pumps. Or dressed down with relaxed looking shoes like casual strappy wedges and flat gladiator sandals. Either way, if you are tired of wearing skinny jeans, you might like to give the skinny cargo a whirl – just to change things up. Not all styles are super tapered like you see in the pictures. If proportions are a concern, opt for a slightly straighter leg and extra hem scrunch to balance out the top and bottom parts of your body.

I MUCH prefer casual skinny cargos to casual baggy cargos. To me, they look refreshed, sleek and more feminine. But I won’t be hunting down a pair just yet because I desperately want a pair of dressy slouch pants instead.

How about you? Do you like the new skinny cargo? Will these make a good casual pants alternative to jeans for your lifestyle?

Blank Denim Cargo Skinny PantsJ Brand 'Houlihan' Skinny Stretch Cotton Cargo Pants7 For All Mankind Skinny Cargo in Olive TwillBilly Blue Skinny Stretch Cotton Cargo Pants