For me this is the easiest poll to date. Team Necklace all the way. The last time I wore earrings was on my wedding day, 13 years ago (vintage pearl earrings borrowed from Mum).

I have never been a big earrings wearer, even though my ears were pieced at a very young age. When I was wearing earrings I wore tiny studs, and you guessed it – they were pearl studs most of the time.

When I started wearing specs all day the whole earrings thing no longer worked for my look. I have a small head, small face and dainty features. Once the specs were on there was no room for earrings. Even studs looked overpowering. So I have completely eliminated earrings from my style. Even when I leave off the specs for super fancy occasions, I prefer to wear a necklace than earrings.

But I adore earring style on others. Anything from the smallest diamond stud to the most dramatic chandeliers. Fabulous earrings can look killer, especially when the neckline of a formal dress demands it.

Are you Team Earrings or Team Necklace? Tell us why and you have to pick a side. No batting for both Teams!