As part of this season’s 90’s fashion revival, utilitarian cargo pocket pants are trending for Spring. I have mixed feelings about cargo pocket pants so I vote both yay and nay. Some cargo pocket pant styles look very unflattering to my eye. Yet I adore the look of others.

Sanctuary 'Freestyle' Crop Cotton Poplin PantsSilk Crop Cargo Pocket PantsSilk/Cotton Cargo Crop

I like knee length cargo pocket pants best, particularly in silk blends and worn with heels as shown in the pictures above. I also like this style in casual fabrications worn with flats, which is a look we discussed last season. So for me, cargo pocket pants are a yay when they’re short and I like them even more with a dressy touch. Ironic, since they’re supposed to be casual bottoms.

I don’t like the look of long cargo pocket pants worn casually, like those below, nearly as much. It’s especially unflattering when you carry a little extra in the hip and thigh area. Pear shaped body types stay away!

Carter Pant in Dove Twill 22Criss Cross Cargo Utility PantsSummer Cargo Pants

Needless to say, the cropped lengths that end just above the ankle and below the calf with wide hems that are worn with flats give me heart failure. Extra long and slim legs relative to the rest of the body are prerequisites for the silhouette. So if you’re a tall-ish inverted triangle, you’ve definitely got a head start on making this look work.

I wore long khaki cargo pocket pants 15 years ago along with the rest of the world. They didn’t feel right then and they don’t feel right now. But I’m still after a smarter silk pair in clamdigger length so I might give the top styles a go. What’s your perspective on cargo pocket pants?  Yes, no, or maybe?