I’m already having apoplexies about cropped pant styles this season. Where are all the leg lengthening knee-length walk shorts and clamdiggers? At the moment, it’s all about short shorts and longer length cropped pants that finish a few inches above the ankle. Short shorts are adorable if you’re young and have a fab set of gams, but cropped pants are tricky to say the least – even on a skinny, leggy supermodel.

Cropped pants that end below the calf and above the ankle are okay if they’re super tapered AND you add leg lengthening high heels into the mix. This visually raises the length of the hem which is ultimately more flattering. But when cropped pants are not tapered and you wear them with flats, it’s leg shortening suicide.

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My immediate plea is to say stay away from this season’s new cropped pant styles if they don’t taper at the hems and you can’t wear them with three to four inch heels. Alternatively, have them hemmed to a shorter length.

I have to admit that I am hyper sensitive to the lengths of pants and what they do to your long lean line. So if you don’t see the extreme leg shortening and unflattering effects of these styles the same way I do, you’ll have a field day with cropped pants this season.