I’ve noticed that my heels slip inside some of my ankle boots and knee-high boots as I walk. More specifically, my heel lifts away from the foot bed as I step onto the balls of my feet. If the shoes were ballet flats, this foot action would probably cause them to slip off my feet. But since my foot is enclosed, the boots stay put.

Strangely, I really like the fact that my heels slip as I stride in my roomier cowboy and slouch boots. I find the walking motion very comfortable because there’s excess room around my entire foot when this happens.  But, I also enjoy the comfort of a snug fit if the boots are soft. This is the case for my Dr. Martens.

It seems that I’m not the only one whose heels slip in boots. Roomier boot styles this Winter season have caused lots of heel slippage talk with my clients. Some enjoy the walking motion as I do, whereas others prefer their heels to stay flush against the footbed.

Do your heels slip inside boots too? If so, do you find this foot motion comfortable or uncomfortable?