Canadian-TuxedoI don’t need (or want) to sport every fashion trend every season. But I have a trendy fashion persona and I do like to sport the trends that tickle my fancy, especially if they’re a little more daring and controversial. Wearing the same wash of denim both on top and on the bottom is an example of one of these trends. I was excited to give it a bash – my way.

When I first started seeing this trend pop up on Spring Fashion Week catwalks last September, I didn’t like it at all. But after seeing more and more creative ensemble combinations interpreting the trend, my eyes started to adjust. I began to appreciate how these outfits can work when the right amount of textural interest is added back into the look.

For this particular outfit I first added in a white camisole to break up the expanse of denim. I then added knee-high boots and a black boyfriend blazer to break it up even further. By covering large portions of the denim and making the shirt function more like a layering piece, I feel that I can successfully sport the trend. I’m also happy swapping out the boots for shoes, thereby exposing more of the jeans. But I wouldn’t be happy omitting my blazer and wearing the outfit with shoes alone. That would be too much of the same denim in one outfit even for my liking.

I am not wearing any accessories here other than my usual watch, wedding ring, handbag and specs. I have started to enjoy wearing fewer accessories per outfit, just because it pushes my fashion envelope.

Revealing more skin with this trend is another good way to go as it reduces the amount of denim coverage on the body. Swapping out the jeans for a denim skirt and the jacket for a cardigan are great also substitutes. Throwing in a scarf will work too.

You either like the advanced denim on denim trend, or you don’t. I warmed up to the look fairly quickly and enjoyed the challenge of making it work for me.