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Chat about fashion and style.
18 3 years ago by Angie

Welcome to "Inspiration"

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9 42 minutes ago by Firecracker

Can't resist oxfords

26 4 hours ago by Sara L.

My possible red shoe solution.

29 1 day ago by amiable

Two ensembles in action

24 2 days ago by CocoLion

Viv Westwood leads her runway models at age 73

5 5 days ago by Jal

Pants shown in Everlane shirt pics?

20 6 days ago by Reneeb

In the interest of inspiration: asymmetry lovers, post some outfits or items you have found!

5 1 week ago by Summer

New lives for "old" ankle pants

8 1 week ago by Angie

Favourite Oscars Looks

31 1 week ago by unfrumped

More closet breakthroughs- foldig vs hanging jeans

8 1 week ago by Firecracker

Inspiration outfits from fashion week?

3 1 week ago by shevia

Curvy tomboy


dashielle, Thought of you.

7 1 week ago by carter

Outfit inspiration from a thrifter

9 1 week ago by Marilyn

Closet organizing/ tidying: padded hangers?

12 1 week ago by ecteacher0000

Importance of hem style in tops

12 1 week ago by anne

The Lion, the Witch, and Gucci in the wardrobe!

24 1 week ago by anne

Versatility and my new favorite sweater

11 1 week ago by tr3kkie9rl

Fave Pinterest boards?

3 1 week ago by K.M.

Proportion inspiration

11 1 week ago by tr3kkie9rl

Graphic T-Shirts Suddenly Everywhere I Shop

28 2 weeks ago by rachylou

Cindy Crawford and others unretouched photos in Marie Claire Mag

8 2 weeks ago by Ariadne

Mesmerizing Rag & Bone campaign

16 2 weeks ago by Joyce B

Reinterpreting an old favorite

26 2 weeks ago by tr3kkie9rl

I want to be Annie Lennox...

13 2 weeks ago by bettycrocker

Bootcuts of Guilt (light-hearted musings)

34 3 weeks ago by Lisa

With Flare...

67 3 weeks ago by annagybe

Personal style and fashion

14 3 weeks ago by Dimity

Inspired by Deborah: blue suede shoes

42 3 weeks ago by kerry

My Essential Eight! Wanna Play??

19 3 weeks ago by rachylou

We need a new phrase instead of Euro Chic

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