Hello all! Last night I enjoyed a performance of the Nutcracker ballet, with my daughter, in our nearby city. It was a treat for me, as it's the first year in over 20 years living here that it didn't conflict with a choral performance I was in.

My plan was to dress to the nines (I mean seriously, where else can we go to dress up any more?). I had a lot of fun observing what others wore. I noticed 3 specific trends:

1) was hoodies and leggings; this I suspect was mostly the mothers and siblings of some of the dancers in the programme. Although there were a few tiny ones in frothy tulle that seemed to be the littlest sisters.

2) was most common: a sparkly sweater, with jeans or pants. Often skinny, but wide legs on the trendier folks. (I have NEVER seen barrel legs in my neck of the woods). A comfortable but dressy look.

3) was a mini dress with tights; often with tall boots, sometimes with pumps. This was especially evident on the young'uns, but some non teens also deployed this to great effect. Most eye-catching was a fitted sleeveless sheath in red and green plaid.

What we wore: Daughter wore a new green velvet blouse (short bell sleeves, drapey, popover style) with slim black pants and booties. I had dreamed of wearing stockings and dressy shoes with heels (both a rarity in my life) but I caved to the realities of a 4 block walk and threatened rain storm. I wore a black silk blouse with red floral print and my "maxi" (above ankle) slim straight black skirt, twisted so the slit was at the front, to show off my red ankle socks and heeled ankle booties. This was an outfit I could wear to the office; but I added a faux Persian lamb bolero, which was decidedly too dressy, so it felt special enough.

What about you? What are you wearing for those dressier occasions? What are you seeing out and about?

...And now I want a tulle skirt...