Wardrobe holes are items that you need, but that are currently missing from your wardrobe. You keep reaching for them to complete outfits, but they aren’t there. Of course, wardrobe holes vary greatly in their level of importance and can become a bit of a moving target. Some wardrobe holes are dire needs, awfully time sensitive, and we can’t get dressed without them. We prioritize these purchases, and budget permitting, urgently fill the holes. Other wardrobe holes are less time sensitive, and we can dress fine without them. While the hole exists we can make do with what we have.

Here are some of the more urgent wardrobe holes that I regularly see among my clients: 

  • Bottoms and underwear that no longer fit due to weight loss or gain.
  • Semi-formal or formal items that are needed for important upcoming events.
  • Workwear that needs to be updated.
  • Eyewear that is well past its prime, or needs a new prescription.
  • Solid wardrobe essentials and layering tops that are the key to turning wardrobe orphans into wearable outfits.
  • The right outerwear for Seattle’s rather unique four-season climate.
  • Workout wear that is falling apart and beyond repair.
  • A lack of comfortable shoes that look great, and go the distance.

Common wardrobe holes that need filling but aren’t quite as urgent, include: 

  • The right tops to wear with a slew of orphaned skirts.
  • Bottoms that are dressier than Athleisure and jeans, but not as dressy as business casual trousers.
  • Dressy bottoms that aren’t black.
  • Casual jackets that aren’t denim jackets, motos, or utility jackets.
  • Shoes that are dressier than sneakers, but not as dressy as classic loafers or pumps.
  • Tops that are just as comfortable and easy to wear and launder, but less casual than a tee.
  • Casual dresses, pants, and skirts in natural fibres to wear in high heat.
  • Items that will embellish a beach and pool capsule.
  • Items to embellish a formal wear or business casual capsule.
  • Shoes that will work with many smart casual outfits.

A few years ago, I had a high-priority wardrobe need. My very old yoga wear was falling apart and I had put off replacing it because I don’t enjoy wearing sports gear or spending money on it. Recently, the leggings that I was wearing for yoga became extremely uncomfortable. So much so, that it prevented me from practising. I replaced them with roomier salutation joggers as soon as they went on sale.

Less urgent wardrobe holes that I’ve managed to fill over the past few years include a bright trench coat, a citron bag, a pair of dressy trousers jean, white jeans in wide and relaxed silhouettes, re-building my formal wear capsule, and adding versatile and dressier solid tops and bottoms to my wardrobe so that I can create a wider assortment of fab outfits with existing items.

Over to you. How do you define a wardrobe hole? Care to share examples of urgent and less urgent ones that you’ve managed to fill in the past, or are trying to fill right now?