The Guardian brings us tips on how to resell clothes successfully and responsibly.

How to get the best value from reselling clothes?” Experts share their advice on getting into the resale market.

In “A new start after 60” series, former Vivienne Westwood model Herbie Mensa returns to his first love; selling upcycled clothes. And Cathy Wood explains how selling vintage clothes takes her back to happier times.

Fab Links from Our Members

Angie liked seeing that the Travelpro suitcases that she and Greg use are rated as one of the very best, and with good reason. She highly recommends them. Best, best, spinning wheels! 

November 28, 1973, the night American fashion came of age at the Battle of Versailles. This is why nuancedream loves 1970s style so much.

Roberta thought vintage clothing hunters just attended tidy estate sales. She found the reality fascinating and gritty.

Kkards recommends this video of Trinny Woodall and Carla Rockmore together, talking fashion faves, high-low dressing, and showing us what having fun with fashion looks like. 

JAileen enjoyed this New York Times article about the ideal wardrobe size. She adds: “There’s no one single answer, of course. As usual, the comments are the best part.” 

In memory of Angela Lansbury, who passed away this week, Mary Beth is sharing this Instagram account dedicated entirely to the style of her iconic writer/amateur sleuth character, Jessica Fletcher.