Teal, which can look more green or more blue, depending on the variation, is a favourite with my clientele and the YLF community. I’m delighted that teal is on-trend, and therefore more widely available across a range of wardrobe items for those who enjoy wearing it. 

On to some outfit ideas.

1. Teal Cardigan

This is an easy one for those who like to wear black, white, blue jeans, and cardigans. Combine a pair of blue relaxed straight jeans with a white top, like a tee. Pop a teal cardigan over the top, and finish off the look with black boots and bag. There are other variations on this theme that can work equally well. Wear a black top to match the boots, instead of a white one. Wear black jeans, pants or a skirt instead of blue jeans. Wear a short cardigan instead of a long one. Add a patterned scarf that works with the palette if the vibe is too solid.

Teal Cardigan

2. Patterned Teal Dress

If you like to wear teal, patterns, and dresses, combine all three and wear it in a weight that works for Autumn temperatures. Here’s a version in a floral with dressy tall tan boots to finish off the look. Wear short booties if that’s more your cup of tea. Or choose a more casual combat or western boot. I see a teal, tan, or burgundy bag complete the outfit.

Patterned Teal Dress

3. Teal Top

Combine a teal top with a black and white patterned skirt. Throw a citron topper over the lot and finish things off with black boots. Here, the citron colour-blocked component of the skirt matches the topper. The black hair of the model and the black bits in the patterned skirt match the black boots, all of which pull the outfit together.

Teal Top

4. Teal Jacket

Here’s a dressy teal velvet jacket that you dress up or down. Wear it over a black patterned dress with sheer black hosiery, dressy heels, and a metallic clutch for a dressier occasion. Wear it over jeans and a knitted top or shirt with dressy flats or boots for a smart casual vibe. The platform closed-toe sandals shown here are very high, and a fringe trend. Of course, feel free to wear shoes that are more to your taste. Add jewellery, eyewear, and watch as desired.

Teal Jacket