I am keen on adding a little more teal to my wardrobe now that the color may be coming back into more supply at retail. It’s always been one of my absolute favorite colors, up there with cobalt blue. It looks good with my eye color and skin tone too, so I always gravitate towards it.

Most of my current teal items are below, and most are still favorites (the two coats are new from NAS last year, and I still have my 11+ year old Burberry trench, so I’m in good shape for teal outerwear).

The old Fly London boots are not my favorite anymore — something about the fit has changed for my feet, and I think I’d prefer a lower heel, non-wedged, lug sole style if I were buying some now.

I love the more blue-toned teal of the US top, but that shade is hard to find. A lot of my teal items are dark and more greenish, almost a forest green.

Looking at this collection, it strikes me that I have a good variety of options in the color — a tee, a sweater, a woven top, a jacket… if I add to this, I should probably make sure it’s a piece with some versatility. Perhaps just another patterned scarf would scratch the itch.

I’m considering updating the boots, but not being hasty. Just not sure these boots feel like me anymore.

Who else has a teal collection or wants to stock up?