Angie put out an invitation for folks to post about their wardrobe holes and invite the hive mind of YLF to help sort out any dilemmas. I’d like to figure out what to do about the long cloth winter coat.

I feel like it’s a wardrobe hole for me because I sometimes want to be able to wear a dress or skirt to an event or date night. I have one dress and two skirts suitable for dressier winter events. I figure 6-10 potential occasions for wear. Possibly less, or possibly more if I use it over a pants outfit and trot it out for bridge night occasionally.

I’ve been without such a coat for two years, and although there haven’t been as many events to attend as previous years, there have been some. Instead of a dress or skirt outfit, I’ve worn a pants outfit and a shorter cloth (wool) peacoat style coat. The cloth peacoat style coat is a signature of my style, and I’ve recently replaced an older one. I mostly wear puffers in winter (maybe 5 days a week) but also the shorter cloth coat (2 days per week.)

I’m not worried that a long cloth coat will split wears of the shorter coat overmuch, since I don’t see reaching for it that much.

Long story….so ‘landing the plane’…do I splurge on a good/better quality long coat in a classic style that I hope to wear for a long time - like 10 years, and into my ‘70’s, or do I buy a less expensive/cheaper coat with the same classic style, that I wear for as long as it lasts at 6-10 ‘wears’ per year?

Today I found a completely synthetic (polyester) midi coat with a classic notched collar, tie belt (like a bathrobe) design that looked surprisingly ‘okay’, wasn’t too heavy, is lined, and seemed like it would be warm enough for <$200 CAD (see photos below in beige and black.) There seem to be lots of 50% wool/50% poly coats in the $200-$500 range that would do the trick, but seem to be heavier weight. $500 and up gets a wool or wool cashmere coat, possibly with some synthetic.

My original intention was to go for the investment piece ($500-$800CAD) but now I’m wondering if a lower priced option might do just as well, and I should save my $ for a different sartorial splurge..

What say you?

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