Pom Pom London is a small British retailer that offers a few, very specific styles of handbag, and lots of straps and coin purses to go with them. The brand is passionate about creating fashion pieces that are simple, practical, fun, affordable, and lovely quality. The items are manufactured in China, but sourced and designed in the UK. My hairstylist and one of my clients swear by their Pom Pom London bags, so as a handbag lover I took a peek at the company and its offerings.

The company specializes in a few styles of sleek and streamlined crossbody bags in a range of fab colours. The Mayfair bag is smaller than the City bag, but the Mayfair bag has an outside compartment for your phone (it’s big enough to hold a large iPhone.) The Mayfair bag comes with a pom-pom and the City bag comes with a tassel. The Knightsbridge bag is the same size as the Mayfair but doesn’t have the outside compartment. All crossbody bags have an outside zipper at the back. The hardware is gold so Team Silver is out of luck.

For years I’ve been trying to replace my worn out citron Furla satchel — the most used bag in my wardrobe. I was delighted by the Mayfair and City bags in lime, which are a perfect shade of citron so I ordered them. If you use the code BANKBUNDLE at checkout, you can add two guitar straps to your order for free. So the bags come with the self-colour leather strap, plus two patterned straps of your choosing for $108. Shipping to the US is free and the duties are paid for too. The return policy is good, but you will need to ship back from the US at your own cost.

I was torn between which style would carry my stash best, so I ordered both the Mayfair and City bags. I chose two free guitar straps when I bundled my order. One in citron and one in blue. They arrived with lightning speed, and were fably packaged. Both bags are beautifully polished, lightweight, very comfortable, super soft yet structured, and gorgeous quality. The zippers are awfully smooth and easy to use. As it turns out the citron is exactly the same colour as my old Furla, so the colour fits seamlessly into my wardrobe, and I have old fashion sneakers in the same colour.

My new citron Pom Pom London bag fills an important wardrobe hole. I like to take two handbags on trips longer than a week, because handbags are my thing. I typically travel with a larger Furla, and pack a smaller one in our suitcase. The City bag is easier to pack because it’s small, less bulky, and just became a go-to bag to pack for travel capsules.

Similar bag styles are available from a range of retailers at higher prices, which I’ve had and passed on because they were just a tad too small. The dimensions of the City bag are a little bigger, and the Mayfair bag has the extra outside compartment. And the brand throws in a few free fun guitar straps when you bundle the order. It’s fab to support smaller companies that try to give us extra value, good service, and great quality.