I’ve been growing out my pixie, and currently have much more hair on my head than I’ve had in years. I’ve gone from a short, strict, and sharp hairstyle that didn’t move, to a soft, blunt, and romantic ‘do that moves around a lot. As a result, I’ve had to adjust the way I style my hair. 

For example, when I had super short hair, I didn’t check the back because my hair would fall into place and stay put naturally. This is not the case with my longer hair. I need to check if my crowns are covered and that the waves are even and neatly spaced around my head. Well, at least until the wind blows my hair in all directions.

I didn’t have a way of seeing the back of my head or outfit in our loft, so I bought a large handheld mirror that does the trick. Now I can see everything. It’s not too heavy, and has a hole on the handle so that you can hang it on a hook. The mirror is also handy for looking at the back of your outfit.