I finally got around to ordering and road-testing Athleta’s Salutation Joggers. I got them to wear instead of leggings for morning yoga practice. I enjoy wearing sheer pantyhose, but do not enjoy wearing leggings. I’m in the minority and find leggings uncomfortable. I persevered with them because they work well for active yoga class where there is a lot of flowing, twisting, balancing and stretching. I need breathable bottoms that stretch with movement, cover my legs, stay put, don’t bag out, don’t flop around, but aren’t as tight as leggings. These salutation joggers fit the bill perfectly, and I’m thrilled with them. I can’t recommend them highly enough. For me, they are an ideal substitute for leggings. They are a lot more comfortable, and I find them flattering too.

The joggers are made of technical fabric so they are easy to launder, wick away perspiration, don’t crease, and are lightweight. They come in solids and patterns across variations of silhouette. I have three pairs of the most basic style, and prefer the patterns to the solids. They run TTS. They run from XXS to 3XL and vary in price point. Some are on sale for $35.

The joggers have worked across a wide range of body types, and my clients are as fond of them as I am. They mould to the contour of the body and look polished. Clients wear them instead of leggings to work out in, or as casual bottoms. They are particularly fab for work-from-home settings, and some wear them as loungewear.