Green comes in all sorts of tints, shades, and tones, and of course is so predominant in nature. From the palest mints and dusty sages, to grass green, leaf green, emerald, Kelly green, lime, neon, seafoam, pear, moss, apple green, teal, jade, forest green, hunter green, and all sorts of olive. Take your pick.

Green is very popular with my clientele, friends, and family members. It is almost always one of their favourite colours, but the specific preferred green varies widely between them. Shades of olive, emerald, sage, teal and forest green are particularly popular. Some wear them as a dominant colour, and others as accents and in patterns. Those with green and hazel eyes tend to be partial to wearing green.

I have green eyes, but don’t wear as much green as I used to. Over the years my sartorial preferences have shifted to blue. That said, a bright lime or apple green is one of my favourite colours. It’s currently not represented in my wardrobe because it’s hard to find. If I could find it in items that worked for my style, I’d wear more of it. Several eyewear prescriptions ago I wore apple green specs and LOVED them. I might have my current prescription put into those frames so that I can wear them again. I also like neon green, and sour chartreuse. But the chartreuse is more yellow than green, so it might not count. I have a couple of olive items that I wear occasionally too.

Over to you. Do you like to wear green, and if so, which are your favourite greens?