You’re on Team Purple if you prefer wearing it to wearing teal, and vice versa. All tints, hues, shades and tones of purple count. From soft lilac and lavender, to bright orchid, dark eggplant, and everything in between. All sorts of teal count too. Rich, dark, and sometimes more green than blue, or more blue than green. Note that turquoise is not teal. Turquoise is bright and saturated, while teal is medium dark and less saturated.

Purples and teals are very popular colours with my clientele, friends, family, and with our forum members. Apart from fashion neutrals, they are the colours that people seem to gravitate to the most for clothing items. They are cool-toned, look great worn together, and create many positive emotions.

I don’t wear purple or teal. Personally, I prefer shocking pink to bright purple, blush pink to lilac, and bright turquoise to teal. So I’m sitting this one out on the bench while watching Team Purple and Team Teal wear these colours with panache and a happy heart.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Purple or Team Teal? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, or don’t wear either like me, there’s plenty of room on the bench where I’m serving vegan supper. Tofu Ketjap, Sri Lankan green beans, red rice with quinoa, kale salad, and gluten-free chocolate cupcakes for dessert. We ran this poll ten years ago and Team Purple won the race. Team Teal might win this time round. Prove me wrong.