It sounds counter-intuitive and seasonally confused to wear boots in Summer. It should be the time to expose your feet in breezier shoes like sandals, slides, espadrilles, mules, ballet flats, pumps, low-top sneakers and loafers. All much cooler options than boots with socks. 

Yet, wearing boots in Summer can work if you prefer to wear closed shoes with lots of coverage, don’t feel the heat on your feet, or are in air conditioning. It can also work when Summer temperatures are chilly. Wearing Summery skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, and shorts with cowboy boots or tough boots like Dr. Martens can be a fab look.

I see people in Seattle wear boots in the Summer with Summery dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans. People in air conditioning all day do the same. Some of the boots are cut-out and d’Orsay silhouettes which are a tad more open. Wearing Summery slip and sleeveless dresses with tough boots is another on-trend nod to the ‘90s.

1460 Pascal Confetti Suede Lace Up Boots

It’s not the norm for me because I like to break out my breezy Summer shoes in the summertime. That said, I will wear white boots or blush pink Frye boots with pants, jeans and midaxi dresses and skirts in the Seattle Summer when the temperatures are chilly. Since we’re eating outside more these days, I will often wear socks and boots to stay warm as the temperature drops and the wind picks up in the evening. When I lived in Cape Town, which is right by the Atlantic ocean, it was the norm to wear boots on Summer evenings with jeans, pants, skirts and dresses because the temperature drops quite drastically close to the water.

Over to you. Do you wear boots in the Summer? Do people in your neck of the woods wear boots in the summertime?