Beauty shelfies — photos or lists in which someone shares their favourite beauty and skincare products — are all the rage on social media. I find browsing shelfies quite soothing, and was interested to see that Allure recently also started a shelfie series:

  • Space explorer Dr. Sian Proctor shares the beauty products she relies on after a rotation (or two) around earth. 
  • Alexis Nikole Nelson, known as ‘the Black Forager’ on TikTok, gives Allure a look at her highly-pigmented beauty and self-care routine. 
  • Tia Wood, a singer, dancer, and content creator, is decolonizing beauty standards by highlighting her Indigenous features. Here, she shares the beauty products that help her look and feel her best, both on-stage and off.

Fab Links from Our Members

The Subtle Art of Not Being Fashionable.” Helena loved this reminder about not sweating trends, and really liked the tip about choosing a classic style inspiration to follow and consciously blocking out most of the rest.

Runcarla, who is a a classic dresser, but has great admiration for the exuberance of those who adopt a more funky style, thought this article was interesting. She adds: “I don’t think Bella Hadid et al. are the first to adopt it! Just check out the women who have been featured in ‘Advanced Style’ for years.

Madeline enjoyed Janice’s post on how to build a 13-piece travel capsule wardrobe.

Kkards loved Trinny Woodall’s video on rainbow dressing: “As a person who doesn’t wear a lot of color, this one was really educational for me, and helped me to really understand why when I do wear color it often doesn’t work”.

Angie suggests having a peek at this article if you like eye creams, or want to know more about them.

Vildy thought this was interesting: “Why French Girls Skip Concealer, and Swear by the Charm of Under-Eye Circles“.