Browsing Essentiel Antwerp, I was inspired by the delightful colour combinations. Brights are matched with earth tones in an unexpected way. I seldom wear earth tones, but am partial to shades of toffee and enjoy the warm rich colour with sour brights, white and a range of blues.

I recently bought a faux leather toffee moto jacket at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and intend to wear it with orange, tomato red, citron, shocking pink, turquoise, ecru and navy.

The colour combinations might not work for you, but maybe you’ll enjoy looking at them anyway. It’s eye candy to me as I think about my Autumn and Winter style. Apart from a striped top in the last look, the fact that the items are SOLID is what helps the eye rest while absorbing the explosion of colour.

1. Toffee, Citron, Red, Turquoise, Rust

A toffee top is combined with a citron skirt. The outfit is finished off with rust and white boots, a tomato red bag, and turquoise earrings. The toffee and rust are earthy, and the rest is bright. In fact the earrings have jewel tones and white in them too. None of the colours are repeated In the outfit. They are thrown together and stand on their own. That said, the toffee is somewhat tonal with the model’s hair, and the turquoise earrings are tonal with the model’s blue eyes. These subtle repetitions create some cohesiveness.

Toffee, Citron, Red, Turquoise, Rust

2. Bubblegum and Burnt Orange

A mid-tone pink top is paired with a pair of earthy burnt orange or light rust pair of pants. The outfit is finished off with sandals that are a similar colour to the pants. The burnt orange is tonally repeated in the model’s dark auburn hair. The pink is repeated in the model’s soft lipstick. Again, the colour repetitions are subtle but effective.

Bubblegum and Burnt Orange

3. Toffee, Orange, Turquoise, Rust, Silver

A pair of toffee pants is combined with a Dutch orange top and topped off with a turquoise cardigan. The outfit is finished off with earthy rust shoes and a silver bag. The earrings look tonal with the orange top. The sleeve ends of the topper have a narrow orange stripe that match the top, and a full cream cuff that complements the metallic bag. More subtle colour repetitions.

Toffee, Orange, Turquoise, Rust-Silver

4. Denim, Bubblegum, White, Blush, Red, Olive

Last, light denim shorts are combined with a candy pink and white striped shirt. It’s topped off with an off-white gilet and red brooch. The outfit is completed with a blush pink bag and olive boots. The only bit of colour repetition that I can see is in the whites of the shirt and gilet. It’s a mishmash of colour, yet it works to my eye. The whites and blush look cohesive together, and maybe that is what brings it all together.

Denim, Bubblegum, White, Blush, Red, Olive