My much loved citron trench coat finally bit the dust. I got it for my 40th birthday twelve years ago from hubs Greg, so it’s a sentimental piece. One of my favourite items of outerwear of all time, it was dressy, but looked great with jeans and fashion sneakers too. It was well past its prime a couple of years ago so I wore it sparingly. But I hung on to it because the colour and high-shine fabric launched me into orbit.

In anticipation of wearing my citron trench coat less frequently, I bought a navy trench coat with white topstitching from Hobbs four years ago. The quality is impeccable, the fabric water-resistant, the fit better for effective layering, the length more versatile, and the look extremely polished. I love it, and I’m sure I’ll have it for a long time.

That said, the gorgeous navy trench coat has its drawbacks. First, it’s navy and I miss my bright colour. Especially in the Spring when I wear trench coats more frequently and prefer not to wear a navy topper as my go-to outerwear. It has a belt tie, which looks fantastic when it’s tied in front, but not as good untied. It doesn’t have a hood, which is tricky when you’re on foot in rainy Seattle like I am with doggies and shopping in tow.

I saw a wardrobe hole and promptly filled it with another impeccable, water-resistant, and super polished Hobbs trench coat. Only this time it’s tomato red, unbelted, shorter, hooded, and more casual. I much prefer wearing an uncomplicated unbelted trench coat these days, although I feel dressier and more pulled together in the classic belted silhouette. Good thing I’ll have my navy trench coat for dressier occasions. The red trench coat is as structured and polished, but easier to throw on and move around in. The hood is a welcome addition, and the colour is PERFECT. I managed to nab the coat in my size on deep discount over Labor Day weekend. It was meant to be.

I effectively replaced my citron trench coat with something that is better suited to my changing needs. I like the subtle nod to the A-line ‘60s silhouette too. Hopefully, I will have this trench coat for a long time too. I can’t recommend Hobbs trench coats highly enough, and wish they came in a larger assortment of sizes.