More often than not, my clients and I begin looking for suitable dresses at Nordstrom and Anthropologie, and come out empty-handed. Dresses are either too skimpy, too short, too expensive, in need of a special bra, a bad fit, the wrong colour, or not machine washable. We head on over to Macy’s where we find a pile of fabulous, machine-washable frocks in loads of colours that are a fraction of the price. There are usually discounts available too.

Macy’s online assortment is especially good, and you’ll find more petite and plus sizes. Here’s a selection of recent winners on my clients. Follow the links to see fab unexpected sleeve, waist, neckline, and back detailing. Notably, the sleeves on the tulip-sleeve sheaths are gorgeously architectural. The faux suede is super soft and machine washable. The keyhole necklines create a lovely break in what might be a too high neckline. Fabrics are substantial.

Don’t forget Macy’s when you’re looking for dresses. The stores aren’t always well organized, but there’s often a lot of hidden treasure to be found.