July the 4th is Independence Day in the United States, which is all about red, white and blue. This was the inspiration for today’s ensemble, but I’m focusing on the blue and white and leaving it to you to add the red. It should be an easy ensemble to pull together with items that are already in your closet. Fab for super relaxed settings in hot weather, like barbecues, boat trips and beach picnics. 

You can use almost any variation of blue and white, and feel free to incorporate patterns. Here are the components of the ensemble:

Bottoms: Think blue or white denim jeans, shorts, cropped pants and clamdiggers. Think casual white or blue chinos and linen pants rolled at the hems, or cotton shorts. A casual white skirt or blue skirt will also work. A white dress topped with a blue denim jacket is another way to go. 

Tops: Match a casual white top with blue bottoms, or a casual blue top with white bottoms. Wear a shade of blue on top with blue jeans, or pair a white top with white bottoms for white-out. Think tees, slubby linen and cotton knitwear, knitted tops, upscale sweatshirts, striped tops, silk tees, drape front blouses or relaxed oversized shirts. Leave the top untucked, or partially tuck the front and add a white, metallic or blue belt. 

Footwear: Think white, blue or metallic casual footwear like sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, slipper flats and loafers. I vote no heels unless it’s a very casual wedge. Complete the look with a white shoe if you’re wearing a blue top and bottom. Complete the look with a silver, white or blue shoe for white-out. 

Accessories: I vote white, blue, metallic or straw bag. Add a blue bag to white-out if your shoes aren’t blue. Or add a patterned white and blue Summer scarf for white-out. A straw hat works well in a shade of tan or white. By all means wear a blue hat if that’s more your cup of tea. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.   

Add a red item to the ensemble if that helps you to get into the 4th of July spirit. Sport coral instead of red if combining red, white and blue in one outfit is not your thing. Or bring strawberries to the barbecue or picnic as your splash of red.

Happy 4th of July!