This ensemble is based on a colour palette that combines shades of coral with shades of blue and accents of white. Feel free to use any shade of coral and blue. I’ve chosen a dark coral because it’s quite close to my beloved tomato red, but by all means use lighter corals like dark peach or more pink shades like watermelon. I’ve chosen turquoise and denim as my blues, but navy, French blue, cobalt and light blue work well too. Optic white looks extra fresh, but off-white, bone and cream are also options. 

You can wear this colour palette in a bold or in a subtle way. The outfit on the left with the pencil skirt and blouse creates the boldest look because both the top and bottom are high contrast brights. The outfit in the middle is more toned down, pairing a bright top with neutral denim bottoms. The outfit on the right is the most subtle combination, pairing neutral clothing with a coral bag.

The components of the outfit are up to you. Create casual or dressy combinations: 

Bottoms: Choose any bottom in coral, blue, or a neutral. Blue denim is an easy way to incorporate blue into the outfit. Think shorts, jeans, skirts, trousers or casual pants. Dresses will also work. I’ve chosen a dressy pencil skirt, flared jeans, and upscale track pants to represent a range of dressy and casual options. Grey and white jeans are more options. 

Tops: Choose any style of top to work with the bottoms within the colour palette. You’ll find that a white top works well with black bottoms to eliminate “Halloween” associations when matching coral with black. Pairing either blue or coral with blue jeans is easy. Wearing a denim shirt with coral bottoms works well too. 

Toppers: A topper is not essential, but if you’re looking for an option, I vote white jacket or blue denim jacket. White works better over a coral top than a black topper, and is an instant hit with blue jeans. White also looks extremely fresh worn over a Summer shade of blue. Of course, coral toppers are lovely too, but less common. Wear them over a blue or white top. 

Footwear: Choose footwear that works with the mood and proportions of the outfit. I’ve chosen neutrals because they worked best with the combinations here, but feel free to wear coral or blue shoes. I vote white or metallic shoes as slam dunk options. Black shoes work when you’re repeating black in the outfit, or bookending the colour of your hair. 

Accessories: Choose a bag colour to complete the palette. I chose a coral bag for the neutral outfit on the right as a way to bring in the coral in a subtle way. Create tones of blue or coral with your bag. I chose a light aqua for the outfit on the left instead of repeating the colour turquoise. When in doubt, add a white or metallic bag or belt to this colour palette. Add jewellery, eyewear, belt and watch as desired. 

Wearing white jeans with a coral top and blue topper is another way to go. But be careful with adding black to this colour palette because it can instantly eliminate the mouthwatering freshness that characterizes this look. 

Coral, Blue and White