After seeing forum member Shevia’s brilliant take on this gingham with white and cognac accents outfit, I had fun doing some reading on the history of gingham.

I also enjoyed seeing how six POPSUGAR editors styled five gingham shirts and one dress.

And I found extra inspiration on how to wear this fun pattern in current and on trend ways on these three pinboards: Lindsey Turner’s Gingham Style, Valley of the Shoes’ Gingham board, and last but not least, My Small Wardrobe Carelia’s Gingham pins.

Fab Links from Our Members

Fieldmouse found these hilarious guidelines for how to really dress for your body shape

These pattern mixes are for men’s Fall fashion, but Joy is inspired too. And so am I, Joy!

With the recent forum discussions about contrast dressing, milehighstyle (Linda) thought that Imogen’s blog post on Getting Your Value Contrast Levels Right might be helpful.

Journalist Esther Honig sent a photo of herself to 40 Photoshoppers from more than 25 countries with the request that they “make her beautiful”. While this is a limited survey, Laurinda thinks it presents an interesting sampling of what is considered “beautiful” around the world.

L’Abeille only recently discovered Mr Selfridge, the TV-series telling the story of the iconic London department store, on Netflix, and was hooked after one viewing. “Has anyone else seen it?”, she asks.

Ummlila came across Ladypockets, a blog that makes fun of all the tropes about trivializing the work of women in power by talking about their clothes and hairstyles, rather than the importance of their work. Ummlila adds that “the blog is indeed funny and relevant, but I agree with The New York Times that it does not hurt to show how women in power really dress, just so that there are appropriate role models out there”. 

Angie loved this roundup of Memorable White Shirt Moments Through the Decades. She’s going with Sharon and Uma as her best.

Angie also recommends this post on Already Pretty in which Sally asks the question: for whom are you dressing? The older Sally gets, the more she strives to dress only for herself.