Dear YLF,
Perhaps you can all be my collective fashion psychiatrist. I need to figure out why I am continually (against my better judgement) drawn to prints. Well I guess I know why, on the surface, because I have been defending my choice for years.
I have muted coloring, and a print softens and mutes the colors it contains by cutting them and mixing them with other colors or neutrals. Instead of "clarifying" it "complexifies" (ok, well that's a nicer term than "muddies"). Prints make great camouflage for lumps and bumps. (Oops, I forgot to say, for the purpose of this discussion, we are talking about prints in a top or dress, next to the face.) And last but not least, prints add an interesting detail to the garment, making it less boring to me when I look at it.

Ahh, you say, but there's the rub! A printed garment is not seen in a vacuum. It's perceived on its wearer. I know, I know, I know! With my head I know, but with my heart, I'm still drawn to the printed garment over the solid one every time. Why is this even a problem, you ask? Why not just indulge your love of prints and be happy? Well, my years here at YLF have taught me a few things about style and one of those things is that a plainer, solid garment allows the wearer to shine. Making it all about her, and not about the dress or top. Angie and some of the most stylish women I know prefer solids (that includes many of you). When I watch a movie, the heroine is often in simple lines and chic, solid fabrics. Same with celebs and a lot of street style fashion I've seen.

So here's a question for you. Assuming that everyone has their own unique kind of God-given beauty, is there a certain kind of beauty that is better suited to solids? I feel like certain people just glow in a simple, solid outfit. And maybe I'm not one of them. No matter how hard I try, I feel like I look duller than dirt in a solid shirt or blouse. Maybe it's because I can't find a color that is really earth shattering on me. Maybe these solid outfits are a lot harder to put together than it seems. You'd think with three different tones in my hair, plus the wavy texture, plus specs that I'd already have enough going on and I would be more drawn to solids, but nope!

I went to the mall the other day to return a solid sweater that I had bought online and came home with--you guessed it! A printed sweater instead. What gives? I'd love to hear your take on this solid/printed debate. I would let this go, except I feel like I've got too many prints in my wardrobe, and somehow I'm using them as a crutch. Help me have an aha moment here! Sorry I don't have any pictures to illustrate. It's late, and I just wanted to get this off my chest before I went to bed. Thanks in advance.