October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a time to reflect on how cancer has affected those close to me. I’m wearing lots of pink, the official colour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and dedicating this particular post to four extraordinary women. My precious Mum who died of liver cancer, and whose stunning style and affectionate spirit I see and feel before me daily. My very special Mum in Law, a cancer survivor, and role model in every way. She is visiting from South Africa at the moment and it’s a treat to have her close by. And two friends, who are extremely upbeat, strong and courageous as they soldier through difficult cancer treatments. I’m inspired by their strength and send them healing thoughts. 

A pink wool coat was the first thing on my cold weather shopping list. I bat for Team Coat, and have the climate to wear the heck out of them for six months of the year. At first I wanted a blush coat because my blush moto jacket is so versatile, and a pastel addition to my coat capsule would be fresh and different. I also wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go tailored and ladylike like my red coat, or slightly oversized and androgynous along the lines of the man coat trend.

Pink Coat Open - Full

Pink Coat - Close

Well, the decision was made as soon as I tried on Joseph’s Long Wool Man Coat in shocking pink. It was love at first sight, the colour makes me happier than blush, and it’s so impeccably made it makes me cry. The clean lines, crisp integrity, low stance, luxurious fabric, refined lapels, angular drape and simplicity suit my style persona. The roomy straight fit looks modern, and the way it moves when left open as I stride feels magical.

Pink Coat - Twirl

Pink Coat - Side

Pink Coat - Pockets

It’s also fun that my man coat is in a girly colour. And last, both my late Mum and my Mum in Law love this shade of pink, which makes it all the more special to sport in their honour. It is the perfect pink coat for me, and I’m in heaven with my splurge of the year. 

One of my favourite parts about the coat is the black underside of the collar, which creates a colour blocked effect when popped. It adds visual interest and changes the look. Fun to wear the collar both up and down.

Pink Coat - Close

Pink Coat - One Shoulder

Pink Coat - Two Shoulders

The fit of the coat is intentionally oversized so that’s why the sleeves are long and the fit a little boxy all over. It does not nip in at the waist at all. But it’s tailored on the shoulders, slim on the hip and fairly streamlined on the sleeves, providing ample structure for my slight frame. 

For the pink coat’s first outing, I paired it with a short and cheeky cashmere polka dot pullover that I bought at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It brings out the ’80s integrity of the coat, which as an ’80s gal at heart, makes me smile. I like the way the graphic round polka dot tickles the strict straight lines of the coat, and is repeated in the buttons.

Jumper - Close

Jumper - Full

These are my favourite wool trousers of all time. They are from Theory’s collection last season (I’m wearing them in other outfits here, here and here). They are baggy with scrunch, but not slouchy, and very comfortable. I’m refreshing their look with a cropped and faux tucked fluid pullover. And as a nod to the matchy-matchy trend, popped on a polka dot belt just for fun.

Pink Coat - Bag

Pink Coat - Bag

I finished off the outfit with cream booties to repeat the cream of the pullover and bookend my hair. Although I prefer pointy toe footwear, wearing round toes is still fine by me. The simple black patent doctor’s satchel is worn and falling apart, but I love it dearly, so it’s going to be threadbare by the time I pass it on. And besides, I get a kick out of wearing something old and a bit battered with something brand spanking new. Black specs, gold watch and wedding ring are all I need in the accessory department. Outfit happiness factor is through the roof. 

Team Pink, please join me in wearing pink in October to show our support for those fighting cancer. We will remember fondly those who have passed away, stand strong with those who are fighting now, and celebrate with the many survivors. 

Finally, please visit the NBCAM website to find links to many resources with more information on breast cancer.