The man coat is a wool coat that is shaped like a modern classic menswear coat. Its silhouette is often knee-length, with a narrow revere collar, angular lapels, low stance and horizontal welted pockets. It can be single or double breasted, and with no more than two rows of buttons. It is cut straight through the torso with a slightly sharp shoulder. There is little waist definition, and it hangs as beautifully open as it does buttoned up. It’s a very masculine looking coat that is the opposite of playful, feminine, whimsical, arty, avant-garde and flirty. 

The man coat is one of the “new” coat looks for this season and seasons to follow. It’s pretty fringe at the moment, but might gain popularity over the years. Yes, it looks like a classic coat that has been around for ages. And it has — in the menswear department. But that ultra low stance, straight roomy fit on the waist, and sculptured shoulder make it a pretty different version to what’s been on offer in ladies wear. And 20 years ago, a similar silhouette had sky-high shoulder pads and side entry pockets. It’s as if you bought the man coat in the menswear department this year. To my eye it is a fresh wool coat shape. 

Zara Pin Stripe CoatZara Masculine Double Breasted Coat

The style does come with warning bells. First, if you like coats that define the waist, bypass this style. It will not give you a tailored shape around the torso. It’s not as deliberately sack-like and voluminous as a cocoon coat, but it’s pretty shapeless, and especially unstructured at the back. That’s the point of the style. Second, you will need a scarf to stay warm in this coat when it’s really cold (but not cold enough for a puffer coat). The low stance is not as insulating as a high stance of a large collared coat. 

I want my next coat to be a man coat because I’m in love with the silhouette. It’s deliciously plain, crisp and strict. I adore the simplicity and unstructured structure of the design. Beautifully tailored on the shoulders and hips, but not on the torso. The low stance is fashion forward and very current. It drapes like a dream in a quality fabric. And since all my wool coats are tailored, I welcome this silhouette as a fun change. 

I pinned some street style shots of the man coat in stylish action and the pictures illustrate the versatility:  

Over to you. Do you like the new man coat?

Zara Masculine Studio Coat

BB Dakota Blair CoatJoseph Man Long Wool Coat

Joseph Man Wool and Cashmere-Blend Coat - CamelJoseph Man Wool and Cashmere Blend Coat - Pink