You are on Team Colour Block if you prefer wearing colour blocked items to patterned items. And vice versa if you prefer patterns. Colour blocking does not have to mean high contrast combinations. It can be subtle, like black sleeves and collar on a dark blue jacket. Or a black tuxedo stripe down the leg of charcoal pants. 

On the pattern team, absolutely any type of pattern counts. Florals, conversational prints, stripes, photographic digital patterns, animal print, polka dots, checks and paisley.

As much as I adore a solid statement of brights and neutrals, I enjoy the punchy effect of a pattern and the interest created by pattern mixing. I prefer classic geometric patterns like stripes, dots and checks. I also love a romantic and happy floral and animal print on footwear.

On the other hand, my love for graphic black and white outfits means that colour blocking is also close to my heart. And I enjoy wearing both low and high contrast colour blocked items. 

I can’t choose a side so I’m sitting this one out on the bench with fish tacos, guacamole and jalapeno lemonade. Over to you. Do you bat for Team Pattern or Team Colour Block? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.