I’ve been saving my new blush pink moto jacket to wear in October so that I could make a special statement for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). My Mum died of cancer 12 years ago and pink was her favourite colour. So I like to make a point of wearing pink, the international colour associated with breast cancer awareness, at this time of year to express my support for those who are currently fighting cancer. I also want to pay my respects to those who have passed away. 

I don’t wear pastels other than light blue and faded denim because I prefer black and white, and sour brights. But in the same way that I unexpectedly fell in love with a mid-toned pink floral midi dress last year, I fell in love with this blush moto jacket at this years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It keeps your style journey interesting when you go for something out of character, don’t you think? 

Blush pink is not my best colour because it washes me out. But I can make it work if I wear it with stronger colours that are flattering against my complexion, like black, white, cream, charcoal grey, tomato red, coral and citron. Here, I’ve added a blush and slate grey silk scarf right up by my face to bring out the colour in my cheeks as well as strengthen the softness of the jacket. I further strengthen the shade of blush leather by wearing a richer shade of blush lipstick.  

All you need is a tailored, good quality top to provide an effective and crisp backdrop for the scarf and jacket. These refined wool crewneck pullovers by Valette are ideal for me because they are simple in design, warm, high in the neckline, and beautifully made. I love the back buttoning detail too. I bought this style in three colours because I can wear them for eight months of the year in Seattle with all my bottoms. The black that I’m wearing here provides a nice contrast with the blush, and bookends my retro specs. 

These are the same charcoal trousers that I wore a couple of months ago for a semi-structured trouser look. They are my favourite wool trousers, not just because the fabric is luxurious, but because they are “baggy and fitted” at the same time. That’s my favourite type of fit at the moment because it’s extra comfortable and looks modern to my eye. 

I enjoy tucking tops into trousers, so that means wearing a belt to fill up those belt loops. I chose a nondescript black belt to create a column of colour beneath the blush moto and scarf.

I finished off the look with an old pair of black patent biker shoeties and small black Chanel day clutch. I actually prefer this outfit with my cream snake skin booties because the effect is softer, and the pattern mixing interesting. These black booties, as much as I love them, can look too severe at times. But hubby Greg preferred this outfit with the black booties because it created a clean line from top to toe, and their buckles matched my belt buckle. So I wore them for him!

My minimal accessory style means no jewelry apart from my watch and wedding ring. 

The happiness factor of this outfit is a ten out of ten because I love wearing trousers, and because the sentiment behind the pink moto jacket is a meaningful one. If you like to wear pink, please join me by wearing any shade of pink this month to show our support for BCAM and for all those who are fighting or have suffered from cancer. I’m thinking of you and your favourite colour Mum.