While we were taking pictures for this post I was rattled by a big bee. “There’s a huge bee right next to my leg!”, I cried. “The bee thinks you’re a big flower,” Greg replied in his calm and rational voice. “Don’t worry. Just leave it alone.”

I chuckled because I couldn’t disagree. This is a hectically floral dress. 

I was shopping at Bloomingdales with our Captain of Team Dress when we saw this frock in blue. I liked the blue, but the pink colour option pulled at my heart strings. It had length, sleeves, a sleek fit, and a high-ish neckline, which is just my cup of tea. Laura said: “You have to try that on!”. I needed no convincing and the frock was mine 10 ten minutes later. Its mid tones and busy floral pattern are a departure from my usual style, but somehow the dress was love at first sight. Laura is my lucky dress charm because this is the second time I’ve been shopping with her in NYC and brought home a dress that launched me into orbit. 

This midi is dead easy to style because you just pull it on and that’s that. No accessories or indoor cover-ups required. For practical reasons, I must wear a watch, eyewear and bag. So I chose my silver watch and white specs to pick up the grey and white in the pattern, and the taupe clutch to match my hair. 

Although it’s a clashing acquired taste, I like combining red with pink. My red stacked Kate Spade pumps look great with this dress, but are “sitting shoes” that don’t go the distance.  So I wore low heeled red pumps (the Fitzwell Vincents) for a more comfortable and retro effect. Greg really liked the dress matched with red shoes, so I felt extra fab.

I wanted to keep the palette light and pretty, so my off-white leather jacket was a no-brainer to keep out the chill. I left the house with coral lipstick and Burts lip balm on my lips, which looked nice with the dress. But it was gone by the time we did the photo shoot because I’d kissed Yorkie Rosie a hundred times in the car on the way to the beach in West Seattle (where these shots were taken). I should have reapplied my lipstick, but forgot. That’s okay. Au Natural is fine with me, and making a fuss of Rosie is always a priority. 

In recognition of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought that my pink midi would make an appropriate backdrop for this month’s cover. Rosie shares my pink spirit by wearing one of her pink collars. It’s particularly meaningful that our Rosie was part of this photo shoot because along with her sister Jasmine, Rosie was my therapy after my Mum died of cancer 11 years ago. Never underestimate the unconditional love and support of an animal during a time of heartbreak.

Rosie and I intend to wear pink at least once every week this month to support this international health campaign that raises both awareness and funds for fighting the disease. Feel free to join me.