The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is my favourite sale of the year. Hands down. Yes, Nordstrom is an advertiser here on YLF, but this has nothing to do with my love for the NAS. The thing that makes the Nordies sale so special is that unlike most end-of-season sales that mark down old merchandise, the NAS marks down “hot off the fashion press” merchandise from the upcoming season. It makes for a uniquely exciting sale experience. 

It also makes for an incredibly busy few weeks. Many of my clients want to take advantage of the NAS so I spend lots of time with them combing through the Fall ranges and putting together their important capsules. Wednesday was the first day of “preselection”, where Nordies account holders can get an early look at the range and pick out items before the actual sale begins. Between shopping for myself, familiarizing myself with the sale merchandise, and working with two clients, I spent 14 hours on my feet on the first day of NAS preselections. 

We also do a lot of NAS coverage here at YLF. There is my top picks post, which I publish as soon as the sale merchandise is available online to all (July 20). That means waiting until after midnight for the site to go live and then spending a couple of hours matching items from my notes with the online range and putting the post together. 

This year Nordstrom has asked me to do some outfit builder posts using items from the NAS range, and we will publish these posts when the sale is open to the public. We hope that you enjoy the NAS coverage. We do know that lots of our readers aren’t in the USA and can’t participate in the sale itself, but I will try to make the coverage useful nonetheless.

This post has some pictures from my first day at the NAS. The ones above are a small glimpse of what’s available on sale (the tip of the iceberg), while the ones below show what I ended up purchasing. The sale is definitely my biggest single wardrobe expenditure of the year, and I set a strict budget for my NAS indulgences. I shop the sale with a clear idea of my style goals and wardrobe capsules, but I also take the opportunity to try something new. For example, I’m still into trousers, masculine inspired styles, and bright colours. But I unexpectedly added a blush pink leather jacket into the mix and built onto that capsule. 

If Autumn and Winter are your dominant seasons, or if you live in a four season climate, the NAS is a great opportunity to get statement pieces and good basics. This is my seventh NAS and each year I love my items even more than the year before.

By the way, I am using Instagram to take quick snapshots, so if you use the service you can follow ‘youlookfab’ to see these photos in realtime as I take them. I will also tweet them so you can see them if you follow me, @youlookfab, on Twitter.